Wii U Miiverse Receives User Driven Communities During Spring

Gamers will be able to design their own social spaces

Satoru Iwata, the Chief Executive Officer and president of Nintendo, says that the team working on the Miiverse social space for the Wii U has big plans for a spring update, designed to make it easier to use the service.

Players will get the ability to create their own custom communities, tackling any interesting subject linked to their gaming experiences, according to Gamasutra.

Developers will also get official Wii U Miiverse accounts and will be able to share YouTube videos in order to encourage discussion.

Nintendo has traditionally been uninterested in social networks but the company now wants to keep players talking about its games in the long term.

Nintendo also wants gamers to stay connected with the social service no matter what device they are currently using, with a web based app set to appear in the spring and an official smartphone port expected for later during 2013.

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