Web-Based PlayStation Store Coming to North America This Month

Browser and buy items from the PS Store right from your web browser

Sony has confirmed that a web-based version of the PlayStation Store will be released for North American users later this month.

The PlayStation Store plays a big role in the online strategy of Sony as through it PlayStation 3 and PS Vita owners can enjoy all sorts of content for their devices.

Now, after the recent redesign of the online marketplace, Sony has confirmed that it's going to release a web version of the PS Store for North American users at the end of January.

The web-based store was already released for European users last month and allows them to browse and purchase things on the store. A future update will also give them the chance to send content automatically to their PS3.

Sony Network Entertainment Chief Operating Officer Shawn Layden also told CNET that, since the redesign of the PS Store, user activity has registered a "double-digit growth."

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