Watch the Opening Cinematic for Far Cry 3

The video explains how Jason Brody got to the island

The developers working on Far Cry 3 at Ubisoft offer all those interested in the game a chance to look at the opening cinematic about one week before the actual launch date, in order to build excitement for the new first-person shooter.

The cinematic explains exactly how main character Jason Brody got to the island that he would have to explore in order to survive during the single-player section of the game.

The opening movie also makes excellent use of the Paper Planes track from M.I.A., which caused quite a controversy when it was launched because of its video.

Far Cry 3 will first be available in Europe on November 29 and gamers in the United States will have to wait until December 4 in order to play it on the PlayStation 3, the Xbox 360 and the PC.

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