Watch Nintendo's Direct Video Conferences for North America and Europe

Check out new Wii U and 3DS games in action and learn more from Nintendo

Nintendo held two special Direct live stream conferences for its North American and European communities yesterday and now the two videos are available for everyone to see.

Nintendo has always tried to be transparent with its fans and organized a variety of community events, including special Nintendo Direct live steams that showcased new details about upcoming games as well as platforms, like the Wii U.

Yesterday, Nintendo has held a new edition of its Direct Conference across its different territories, including Japan, North America, or Europe.

Now, the company has posted the videos on its North American and European YouTube pages, allowing anyone who missed the live streams to check out the variety of details it shared with fans.

From learning more about Pikmin 3, to enjoying all-new games like Game & Wario, lots of things were showcased in the video, so check them out above (for North America) and below (for Europe).

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