Watch: First Gameplay Video of Wasteland 2

The game is expected to be released in October 2013

The folks at inXile have just released the first gameplay video of their Wasteland 2 title. The game has more than 60k backers on Kickstarter, and probably more who donate via devs' website, who are anxious to see where did their money go.

Given the fact that this is a successfully funded Kickstarter project, developer had the freedom to choose when and how to show some of their work before the final game goes live later this year.

The above is an in-game video capture of Development Director Chris Keenan playing the Wasteland 2.

However, the sound effects are not running in the code, though devs plan to have a lot of these in the final game than you will be able to here in this video.

Some might be tempted to skip some of the scenes as the video has more than 17 minutes, but once you start watching it you'll be immersed into the post-apocalyptic atmosphere stunningly depicted by inXile. Enjoy!

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