Watch EA's E3 2013 Press Conference Live Stream Right Here

Electronic Arts is set to debut a lot of interesting games at E3 2013

Electronic Arts has already posted the live stream for its upcoming E3 2013 press conference that will be held later today, June 10, in Los Angeles.

EA is set to hold a very special event in Los Angeles today, ahead of E3 2013, in which it's going to show off many of its upcoming games.

These include already-announced ones, like Battlefield 4, which will see its multiplayer presented to the world, but also rumored titles, like Mirror's Edge 2 or Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare.

Besides these things, EA will also show off plenty of demonstrations of upcoming next-gen games that will be released for the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 consoles from Microsoft and Sony, respectively.

The EA event, which is called The Download: EA's 2013 Preview, starts at 1pm PDT (9pm GMT), at which point the live stream below should go live.

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