Watch Dogs PlayStation 4 Trailer Reveals Teaser Website

Players can learn more about the themes of the game

The trailer that publisher Ubisoft has revealed for Watch Dogs during the PlayStation 4 announcement event has at least one secret embedded, with players able to piece together a hidden URL that leads to a new teaser website for the game.

The site has a cool ASCII logo and bears the description “0wn3d by DedSec” along with the phrase “quis custodiet costodes ipsos,” usually translated as “who watches the watchmen”.

The phrase is associated with concerns about the extent of surveillance in today’s society and the power that the state is acquiring through its intelligence agencies.

It’s unclear whether the new Watch Dogs teaser site will stand on its own or whether the company plans to add more content to it in the near future.

Watch Dogs will be launched on the PC, the Nintendo Wii U and the PlayStation 4 and the game will also be delivered on the Xbox 360 and the PS3.

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