Watch Dogs PlayStation 4 Trailer Focuses on Open World, Hacking

Players will be able to explore cities and control infrastructure

Watch Dogs was one of the most interesting titles that publisher Ubisoft revealed during 2012 and the company confirms that it will bring the new game to the PlayStation 4 home console from Sony via a gameplay-focused trailer.

The official description from Ubisoft states, “Discover in this open world gameplay video one among many ways to hack the city of Chicago as Aiden Pearce in Watch_Dogs. In a world led by technology, hacking is our weapon.”

Watch Dogs focuses on how surveillance has changed modern life and how a well-prepared organization could control our cities and appliances using the appropriate technology, taking advantage of the power of the PlayStation 4.

Watch Dogs will also be offered on the current generation of devices from Sony and Ubisoft and, presumably, it will also be launched on the Xbox 720.

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