Watch BioWare and Obsidian Leaders Talk About the Future of RPGs

The two teams are working on Dragon Age and on Project Eternity

The DICE 2013 event is over, but the organizers continue to offer videos taken during the main talks, with role-playing game fans now able to watch Ray Muzyka, the co-founder and former leader of BioWare, and Feargus Urquhart, the boss of Obsidian, talk about the future of the genre.

The talk is 20 minutes long and the pair deals with issues ranging from how to better engage players in virtual worlds, how future titles can be monetized and how the RPG genre will evolve in terms of mechanics.

At the moment, BioWare is working on Dragon Age III: Inquisition, which is supposed to be launched in late 2013.

Obsidian is busy with the development of Project Eternity, which is set to use the structure of the classic party-based RPG, set to be released next year.

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