Wasteland 2 Has Unique Morality for Each Character, Says InXile

The player will have to look for clues to determine how to approach a situation

The coming Wasteland 2 is designed to have a variety of characters, each of them with their own unique take on the world and with core moral principles that will affect the way they respond to the character and his party.

InXile President Matt Findley tells Rock, Paper, Shotgun that, “A guy might be more likely to give women information or more likely to give men information. This guy specifically, I think he says something inappropriate, and then raises his prices.”

The team is not trying to impose a good set of values that the player must also adopt in order to get the best result from encounters.

InXile wants to make sure that players are constantly surprised by the way characters react and never have time to adapt their party of their set of skills to deal with all situations.

Wasteland 2 will get a beta in October and a launch date will be announced at the same time.

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