Warhorse RPG Engine Is Suited to Both Current and Next-Gen Consoles

The demo shown was running on older PC-based hardware

Daniel Vavra, the leader of Warhorse Studios, says that the tech demo for a next-gen role-playing game engine that leaked was incomplete and was running on older PC hardware, despite the fact that it also supports home consoles and next-gen devices.

On his official blog, the developer states, “Our goal, then, was not to show how our game looks just now – for that we’d have shown something quite different and instead of the editor we’d have shown the actual game and not just the graphics taken out of context, because the game is now playable, has a GUI, animations and the foundations of all the main playing mechanisms.”

The team, made up of former Mafia developers, is not yet looking for funding and it seems that an official reveal for a game linked to the new engine might come in the first half of 2013.

The core of the game will be built using CryEngine 3, with deep changes to suit the RPG genre.

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