Wargame: AirLand Battle Gets Free Vox Populi DLC on August 1

Gamers get access to new units and more maps alongside a new mode

The development team at Eugen System announces that it is planning to launch the first downloadable content pack for its strategy title Wargame: AirLand Battle on August 1, with a number of new features requested by the player community.

Gamers will get access to a new Conquest mode for multiplayer matches, while those who enjoy the single-player campaign will be able to play it cooperatively with a friend.

There are also 5 new maps to play on, all with unique features and potential strategies.

A total of 24 new units are added to the various decks in order to better balance them, increase the usefulness of minor NATO decks and add some variety to the smaller countries of the Warsaw Pact.

The community has also created a trailer for Vox Populi, showing off the new units and maps.

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