Warface, Crytek's Free-to-Play Shooter, Gets New Gameplay Video

Check out some impressive footage from the online game

Crytek, in-between releasing brand new trailers for its upcoming Crysis 3 first-person shooter, has just posted a special gameplay video with another one of its titles – Warface.

Besides working on its core sci-fi shooter franchise, Crysis, Crytek has branched out in a variety of directions and is working on plenty of big projects, including Warface, a free-to-play first-person shooter that already attracted over five million users in Russia.

The game has entered closed beta and is currently getting ready to appear in the rest of the world so, in order to get people interested in the shooter experience, Crytek has just posted an impressive gameplay video.

As you can see, the gorgeous game takes advantage of Crytek's special CryEngine 3 technology and it delivers a pretty intense experience that delights players with great visuals.

The free-to-play shooter is billed as a complex experience filled with special missions in which players need to work together in order to unlock rewards, besides entering competitions against others.

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