War of the Roses Receives Free Gallowglass Mercenary Update

Gamers get access to new armor, weapons and customization

The development team at Fatshark and publisher Paradox Interactive are giving players who are engaged with War of the Roses a chance to fight as a new type of soldier via the new Gallowglass Mercenary Pack, which can be downloaded for free.

The Gallowglass were mercenary bands from Ireland that flocked to England during major conflicts and were ready to offer their services to the side that paid them best.

The fighters are well armored with mail shirts and helmets and use deadly two-handed weapons in order to take on the knights and their squires.

Gamers can get the Gallowglass Mercenary Pack in order to get access to new armor and weapons, including the Halflang Sword.

The development team has long-term plans for War of the Roses, including more customization options for player characters.

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