War of the Roses Gets Two New Maps, Weapons and Armor Tomorrow

Gamers will also be able to buy the Dagger and the Sword of Mary

The development team at Fatshark has offered details on the content that its Medieval combat title War of the Roses will get tomorrow, as part of a monthly update.

There are two new maps for players to do battle on, called Wakefield and Towton, both of them based on the historical battles of the same name and covered in snow to make them resemble their past real-world counterparts.

There are also more weapons and armor options for gamers to use, with a full list offered on launch day.

Two new paid weapons, called the Dagger and the Sword of Mary, will be introduced via the game store on December 21 and will have a Christmas price cut until December 26.

Fatshark has promised that it will introduce monthly new content for War of the Roses in order to give the player base a long-term reason to stick with the experience.

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