War of the Roses Gets Pitched Battle Mode, More Weaponry

There are more swords, armors, helmets and visors to use

The development team at Fatshark and publisher Paradox Interactive are launching new content for their War of the Roses multiplayer-based close quarters combat game, which marks one month since the launch of the game.

Players will be able to get a new game mode called Pitched Battle, where death is final for each player, which forces a slower and more cerebral game on those engaged.

Every knight also gets access to the Kingmaker sword, described as “a finely crafted piece of steel brandished by legendary English nobleman Richard Neville, otherwise known as Warwick the Kingmaker.”

A new suit of solid armor is also included in the War of the Roses upgrade, alongside four new visors, seven new other weapons and one new helmet.

The two companies promise the War of the Roses, which sold well on launch, will get more content in late December.

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