War of the Roses Gets Free-to-Play Weekend, New Content

Players have a new Robin Hood-themed map to fight on

Developer Fatshark and publisher Paradox Interactive are launching a new free update for their Medieval combat title War of the Roses, called Outside the Law, which is designed to add new content to the game and give players more options on the battlefield.

The free weekend will start on Friday on Steam.

The new map is called Greenwood and includes tent camps and fallen trees that will spice up all combat encounters, with fire arrows added to give ranged characters an advantage.

New weapons include the: Woodsman’s Axe, Headsman’s Axe, Shillelagh Mace and Quarterstaff.

Gamers can also equip new armor in order to stop the powerful new weapons and the fire arrows.

The entire Outside the Law update is based on the legend of Robin Hood, who lived in the Sherwood Forest during the conflicts between the houses of Lancaster and York.

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