Walmart Will Have PS4 Consoles in Stock on Black Friday 2013 – Report

The large retailer is holding back consoles to put on shelves this week

Large retailer Walmart will have a number of PlayStation 4 consoles in stock for Black Friday 2013, but also for the evening before it, on November 28, according to a new report.

The PS4 launched in North America on November 15 and, since then, the console has been out of stock in many different stores.

Now, Walmart is apparently holding consoles from going onto store shelves so that they can be sold on Black Friday 2013 (November 29) but also on Thanksgiving evening (November 28).

According to DualShockers, quite a few outlets have received new stocks of PS4 units but they've been ordered to not put them on sale until November 28.

At that time, they'll be put on shelves at certain times, like 8pm, 10pm, Midnight on November 29, and 6am.

As such, those who want to score PS4 units will have to pay attention at those times while they're in Walmart.

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