Walmart, Amazon and Best Buy Offer $50/€35 Discount on Xbox One Titanfall Bundle

Three major retailers, one great game, discounts, sounds like a match made in heaven

If you were pondering whether to get an Xbox One and were enticed by the discount Walmart has recently offered on the Titanfall bundle, you can feel even more enticed, as both Amazon and Best Buy have matched its offer.

The fact that Titanfall helped boost Xbox One sales by a large factor is undeniable, as evidence showed. Not only that, it also generated a lot of media and community attention, placing Microsoft’s console in the spotlight.

Respawn Entertainment’s multiplayer only first person shooter has also persuaded Xbox One owners who were neglecting the home entertainment system to spend more time with the console, and Microsoft has taken advantage of this in its efforts to expand its user base.

As such, Walmart has featured the bundle at an attractive $50 / €35 discount earlier this week, and now two other major retailers have joined in.

Amazon was the first to offer the same $50 / €35 discount on the Xbox One, customers having to apply the X1AMAZON discount count at checkout, and was then joined by Best Buy, who is also offering the discount, only it’s not visible until you hit checkout.

Sony confirmed selling over 6 million units up to now, and the Redmond company has not yet published any figures other than the Decemeber 2013 ones, showing 3.2 million Xbox Ones sold. They might just be waiting to see how well Titanfall fares, and so far it’s doing well.

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