Volition: Johnny Gat Confirmed as Returning for Saints Row 4

The character's new story has not yet been officially detailed

The development team at Volition in charge of Saints Row 4 is officially confirming the rumor that Johnny Gat will be appearing in the coming game by releasing a new image of the character.

On Twitter, the studio says, "JOHNNY GAT IS BACK IN SAINTS ROW IV!!!!!!!! #GATISBACK pic.twitter.com/ZmxH7dy54X."

Volition is not yet ready to offer more information on how the character is able to return, considering that his death was one of the main catalysts of events in the previous game in the series.

Then again, Saints Row 4 features an alien invasion, superpowered protagonists and weapons that fire both dubstep and actual black holes, so anything is possible.

The game is set to launch on August 20 on the PC, the PlayStation 3 from Sony and the Xbox 360 from Microsoft.

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