Vigil and Darksiders Find No Buyer in THQ Auction

The two assets might be sold later for a smaller price

Video game publisher THQ says that it has not managed to find a buyer for developer Vigil Games and its Darksiders franchise during the recent auction process.

This means that the two assets will remain part of the Chapter 11 bankruptcy procedures that are now underway and that THQ might sell them at a later date and with a reduced price tag, according to an official letter from the CEO.

Presumably the lack of offers was linked to the poor sales performance of Darksiders 2, which was launched during 2012.

THQ also reveals that it has backed buyers Bethesda lined up to pick up Relic in case SEGA fails to pay the agreed sum and that Ubisoft is also a back-up for Volition and for the Metro franchise.

The Turtle Rock studio has also submitted a seconday bid to secure its own Evolve game.

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