Video Shows How to Get Unlimited Money in Grand Theft Auto 5

A glitch can be used to get a lot of cash for one of the in-game characters

A brand new video has appeared online from one dedicated Grand Theft Auto 5 fan who uncovered a way to get unlimited money in the latest open world game from Rockstar.

GTA 5 has been eagerly awaited by millions of fans from all over the world and the big game, like previous Rockstar titles, has begun to share its secrets to curious players.

One such secret is quite profitable for the in-game characters, as each of them can find a suitcase filled with money on the bottom of the ocean in a special spot in the game's world. While the case alone is filled with quite a bit of money, using a special trick and quickly shifting to another playable character, and then back to the original one, makes the case respawn.

Repeating the procedure several times results in quite a lot of money being added to the account of that character.

For a complete guide, check out the video above.

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