Valve Won’t Change Steam After EU Court Ruling on Used Digital Games

The studio has no plans on supporting the trading of used downloadable games

Valve, the owner of the largest digital distribution service in the world, Steam, has no plans to change the platform after the European Court of Justice ruled that licenses for digital products can be resold without any opposition from the actual developer.

The European Court of Justice ruling from last week mandated that developers and publishers of games, as well as other software products, can’t oppose customers who want to resell their license key and advised digital distribution services to offer such support, effectively paving the way for a used digital game market.

Unfortunately, Steam, one of the biggest digital distribution services out there, has no plans on providing support for such a thing.

When asked by PCGamesN, Valve’s director of business developer, Jason Holtman, said that “we don’t have any plans to change,” effectively confirming that used games bought off of Steam won’t be available for reselling.

Holtman declined to reveal anything more, so who knows what effect the EU ruling will have on the digital market in the near future.

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