Valve Warns Against Steam Wallet and Trading Scams

Steam users should be careful with others who propose to trade items

Valve has posted a brand new message on its Community website warning users of its Steam service to not fall for scams initiated by those who begin chatting with them and offer Steam Wallet funds through the Steam Trading system.

Steam is one of the most popular digital distribution services worldwide with over 50 million users.

As you can imagine, nefarious individuals have begun targeting Steam users and are currently trying all sorts of scams by chatting with them through the service and impersonating a Steam or Valve representative.

An actual Valve employee has now posted a new message on the Community page of the service, warning regular Steam users to refrain from talking with suspicious individuals even if their chat messages seem legitimate.

What's more, the studio also warns players that it's currently not possible to transfer Steam Wallet funds through the Steam Trading system, so they should give up their items in exchange for promised cash.

In case you suspect a user of trying to scam you, Valve says that you should report them and the studio will take the necessary actions against him or her.

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