Valve Taken to Court over Missing Resell Clause in Steam by German Group

Steam's license agreement needs to comply with European laws

The Federation of German Consumer Association (Verbraucherzentrale Bundesverband) has just submitted a legal complaint against Valve because it failed to include a clause in the Steam license agreement that allows users to resell their digital games to others.

Steam is one of the most popular digital distribution services from all around the world but quite a lot of users have ideas to improve it, including the possibility of reselling the digital games bought on the service.

One of the most vocal supporters of this idea is a German consumer advocacy group that's just taken Valve to court over the lack of a clause that allows users to resell their games, as it opposes the recent EU law that demands services offer such mechanics.

The complaint has already been submitted to the district court of Berlin and the Verbraucherzentrale Bundesverband, via GamesIndustry, says it won't stop until Valve will modify its End-User License Agreement to comply with EU law.

As of yet, Valve hasn't commented on this new situation.

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