Valve Reveals New Greenlight Approved Games

The list includes Akaneiro, Age of Decadence, War of the Overworld

Video game developer Valve is revealing a new batch of titles that have been approved through the Greenlight indie service, which is based on the votes of fans.

All the games will be distributed via Steam all over the world, giving indie developers a chance to show the world the experiences that they can offer.

The approved video games include:

Akaneiro: Demon Hunters


DLC Quest

Eador – Masters of the Broken World


Leisure Suit Larry


The Age of Decadence


War For The Overworld

Steam has also approved two video game development tools:

articy:draft – a game design program

GroBoto – modeling app

Valve says that the video games are in various stages of development, but that they should all be launched officially in the coming months.

Since Greenlight was introduced, more than 60 titles have been approved by Valve.

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