Valve Registers Movie Related Web Domains

The developer might be preparing more DOTA 2 documentaries

Video game developer Valve now has ownership of three new websites that might be used to promote an unannounced new project.

The addresses were picked up by Chris Grinstead, who works as an IT manager at Valve, and were uncovered by the community of people that watched the developer at Reddit.

They are:

None of the mentioned sites actually has any content on it at the moment.

Speculation from the fan community suggests that Valve is looking to use them in order to promote The International, a documentary which focuses on its most important tournament for DOTA 2.

It’s not clear whether this is a one-time effort or whether Valve is interested in creating series of documentaries that focus on its MOBA titles in the future.

DOTA 2 is in closed beta at the moment.

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