Valve Is Setting Up San Francisco Studio, Buys Two-Man Studio

Plants vs. Zombies and Diablo 3 veterans will lead the new developer

Valve, the company behind huge franchises like Half-Life, Counter-Strike, Portal, or Team Fortress, has apparently begun to establish a new regional studio in San Francisco by buying a newly formed two-man developer called Star Filled Studios.

Valve has earned a loyal fan following by offering all sorts of impressive games and by running the hugely popular Steam digital distribution service.

As opposed to other developers who have branches in multiple cities around the world, Valve focused its efforts on a single headquarters site in Bellevue, Washington.

Now, it seems that the developer is opening a new studio in San Francisco, according to website Valve Time.

According to the resumes of Jeff Gates and Tod Semple, the two men behind a newly formed developer in San Francisco – Star Filled Studios – Valve has just acquired the establishment.

What's more, the company wants to open up a new office based in San Francisco that would benefit from the experience of Gates and Semple, who previously worked on hit titles like Diablo 3, Spore, Plants vs. Zombies, or Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.

As of yet, Valve hasn't commented on the report.

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