Valve Confirms Half-Life 3 Development via User Picker

There are currently 46 people associated with the game

Video game developer Valve is confirming that it is currently working actively on Half-Life 3 via its internal User Picker tool, which it uses to track projects and manage the personnel involved with them.

The tool is not meant to be seen by the public, but in a rare blunder, the secretive company has made it accessible and fans of the series were able to see new entries for both Half-Life 3 and for Half-Life 3 Core, which might be the technology associated with the new title.

Apparently, there are 46 people at Valve currently working on the game itself and another 10 linked to the Core project, according to Gematsu.

The studio might have deliberately offered outsiders access to its internal tools to confirm Half-Life 3 work without making an official announcement.

Recently, an European trademark has also been filed for the title.

Valve is also working on its own OS and on hardware.

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