Valve Announces Saxxy Awards, Promotes Source Filmmaker

The overall winner will be announced on Friday during an awards ceremony

Video game developer Valve has announced the short movies that have received a Saxxy Award for each of the four core categories, but the overall winner will only be revealed during the coming Spike Video Game Awards show that takes place on December 7.

The winners include:

- Best Action: Meet the Dumpster Diver

- Best Comedy: Wishmaker

- Best Drama: Bad Medicine

- Best Replay: EPIC High Five Fail

All the winners get a special Saxton Hale status from Valve and the eventual winner of the Overall category will get a trip to the headquarters of the developers and spend time with the team that created Source Filmmaker.

The new tool has been introduced in order to allow users to quickly capture footage from Source-powered games and then create videos that can be shared with the community.

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