Uplay Servers for Far Cry 3 on PC Are Offline, Results in Issues and Glitches

Players can barely access the game and are having problems with the crafting system

Owners of Far Cry 3 on the PC platform who tried to play the game today have noticed that the Uplay servers, to which the game is permanently connected, are offline and, while you can still experience the title by putting the service into offline mode, you can't access core features like the crafting one.

Far Cry 3 came out in Europe yesterday, November 29, and, while the game had a good launch across its various platforms, like the PC, PS3, or Xbox 360, owners of it on the PC are now experiencing some big problems.

Apparently, these issues are due to the Uplay servers that are unresponsive. While this may not be so serious, as the game can be started if you put Uplay in offline mode, they are causing problems, as you can't even access the crafting menu in the game.

Ubisoft has posted an apology on its Twitter account, saying that it's " working as fast as possible to restore the service."

As of yet, however, it's unclear when the Uplay servers will be operational.

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