Update 9 for Lord of the Rings Online Brings New Instances, Moria Revamp

There are also difficulty changes to the Dol Guldur instance

The development team in charge of The Lord of the Rings Online at Turbine says that the game is launching Update 9 for the MMO, which offers gamers three new instances designed specifically for three-player teams, along with other changes to classic game areas.

The Riders of Rohan Instance Pack – Road to Erebor includes:

Webs of the Scuttledells – investigate missing elf cases in the Mirkwood, which is dominated by spiders and even stronger creatures;

Seat of the Great Goblin – go under the Misty Mountains in order to kill a goblin leader before he can assemble the tribes into a strong fighting force;

Iorbar's Peak – the Great Eagles are asking players to find and return an egg that has been stolen by giants planning to turn it into dinner.

Gamers will also get scaling for the classic Dol Guldur instance and the Moria area has been revamped, with visual updates for Redhorn Lodes, Zelem-Melek, Nud-Melek and the Flaming Deeps and new quests to explore.

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