Update 1.6 Ancient Hypergate for The Old Republic Is Live

Gamers have a new PvP Warzone and more high-level missions

The 1.6 update for the MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic is now live on the game’s servers, with players able to engage in the new Player versus Player warzone and a new set of missions included for players who are advanced enough.

The game has also received more quality starship upgrades and there are more items available in the official shop, with full details on the official site.

The trailer for Star Wars: The Old Republic Ancient Hypergate is designed to show off the various pieces of new content, with an emphasis on the way groups of players can battle each other.

BioWare has pledged to continue offering monthly content for Star Wars: The Old Republic, including new missions, story expansions for all the classes and more PvP.

The game is free-to-play at the moment, although paying players to get more options and gameplay access.

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