Unreal Engine 4 on PlayStation 4 Gets Demonstration Video, Screenshots

Epic's new technology is running great on Sony's next-gen console

By on 21 Feb 2013, 09:35 GMT

Epic Games has showcased the power of Sony's upcoming PlayStation 4 by demonstrating its next-generation Unreal Engine 4 technology running on the impressive console.

Besides confirming that it's going to release the PlayStation 4 later this year, Sony also showcased various games for the new console.

Alongside the actual titles, Epic Games presented a tech demo for its Unreal Engine 4, showcasing a new bit of impressive footage that's possible thanks to the PlayStation 4's power.

In the video above, you can admire the live demonstration while the gallery below shows off some impressive screenshots, via AGB.

As you can see, the Unreal Engine 4 is looking great on the PS4 and there's no actual difference in quality as opposed to the PC edition of the technology, which was showcased last year.

Unreal Engine 4 on PlayStation 4 (6 Images)

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