Unreal Engine 4 Is Tech of Choice for Nvidia Demos

This is the first time that a third-party engine is used

The development team at Epic Games and hardware developer Nvidia announce that they are working together to make the upcoming Unreal Engine 4 technology the sole provider of product presentations for high performance graphics cards and for the Shield project.

Mark Rein, the vice president and a co-founder of Epic Games, states, “The visuals their team are producing using Unreal Engine 4 in real time are fantastic, and they're already exceeding some of the best pre-rendered visuals of only a few short years ago.”

This is the first time Nvidia is using third-party tech to power its demos.

Tony Tamasi, the senior vice president of content and tech at Nvidia, says that the power of the Unreal Engine 4 has persuaded the team to use it in the future.

Epic is working on at least one game based on the new engine, called Fortnite.

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