Unity Will Be Used by First and Third Party Wii U Developers

The games will have a wider audience than on the PC

David Helgason, the chief executive officer of Unity, reveals that the platform will be used extensively for the upcoming Wii U home console from Nintendo and that both first- and third-party studios will use it.

Speaking to VG247, he states, “It’s actually been a dream of ours to be the default development kit for something you can access if you’re just building games for a particular console. I remember we pitched the idea to at last Nintendo, but also Sony maybe five years ago, but of course back then we were a tiny company, and we didn’t have a lot of users.”

Unity has so far been mostly used for small online games and for mobile development, but a number of high-profile teams like Obsidian are using it to create their own Kickstarter projects.

The Wii U will start launching on November 18 in North America and it will be out worldwide before December 8.

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