Ultra Street Fighter 4 Launches in Spring of 2014

The big expansion will debut ahead of the EVO championship in July next year

Capcom has finally pinned a more accurate release period to its long-awaited Ultra Street Fighter 4 title, confirming that the add-on will make its debut in spring of 2014, sometime after April but before the EVO championship in July.

The Street Fighter 4 saga has seen the release of many different add-ons and expansions that drastically altered the fighting experience, including the Arcade Edition, for example.

Now, Capcom is working on yet another DLC pack, in the form of Ultra Street Fighter 4.

After hearing a few details about the new fighters, like Elena or Poison, as well as the new systems, like the Red Focus or Ultra Combo Double, Capcom has just confirmed that Ultra Street Fighter IV debuts in spring of 2014.

The game will first launch in Japanese arcades in April, and shortly after for consoles like the PS3 or Xbox 360 as well as on PC.

No concrete date can be shared, because Capcom is still working hard on the expansion, but it will ship before the EVO championship in July, according to a post on Capcom-Unity.

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