Ultimate Splinter Cell Collection Revealed by Retailer

It will probably include all the titles in the series launched so far

Specialist video game retailer GAME is listing a new product called Ultimate Splinter Cell, which might mean that publisher Ubisoft is getting ready to collect all the video games in the series into one convenient package this year.

GAME has Ultimate Splinter Cell available for pre-order at the moment and the price, only for the United Kingdom, is of 29.99 British pounds, about 48.21 dollars (36.09 Euro).

No release date has been given yet and the collection is only listed for the PC, although a launch will probably also target the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360.

Publisher Ubisoft is working on a new title in the Splinter Cell series, called Blacklist, which is set to launch later during the year.

The game is supposed to see Fischer working for a new organization, Fourth Echelon, which is set to target a group that aims to strike targets inside the United States.

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