Ubisoft Registers Shadownet Domains, Might Plan Splinter Cell Spinoff

The publisher could be planning a multiplayer spinoff

Video game publisher Ubisoft is registering new domain names, which might suggest that it is working on a new spinoff for the Splinter Cell series, which might deal with the spies featured in Pandora Tomorrow and in Chaos Theory.

The registrations are for SplinterCellShadownet.com and SplinterCell-Shadownet.com, says Fusible.

Ubisoft might simply plan to introduce the Shadownet team of spies in the multiplayer for Blacklist and wants to protect its intellectual property from any sort of infringement.

At the same time, the company might seek to expand the Splinter Cell universe and give fans more stories set before the current time frame.

Splinter Cell: Blacklist will see Sam Fischer create a new Fourth Echlon organization and fight a number of terrorists who are set to attack the United States from within.

The game has been delayed to August.

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