Ubisoft Massive Prepares Next Gen Based RPG

The game might share some mechanics with Far Cry 3

Ubisoft Massive, a studio that has previously worked on Far Cry 3, is currently working on a new, unnamed AAA quality role playing game that will be launched on next generation home consoles from Sony and Microsoft.

The information comes to the CV of Marc Cartwright, who is employed by Ubisoft and currently states that he is a “Game designer on AAA next-gen online RPG’>

The game might be a new entry in the Prince of Persia series, probably a full reboot with new mechanics and an origin story.

Leaked information about it was revealed during 2011 but Ubisoft has not offered any comment.

Neither Sony nor Microsoft have actually announced plans for a new generation of home consoles but both companies are expected to do so before E3 2013 takes place in June of next year.

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