Ubisoft Confirms Osiris Existence, Project Is Now Shelved

The company would not confirm a link to Prince of Persia

Video game publisher Ubisoft confirms the existence of the Osirig project, which was revealed by a leak earlier during the week, but the company says that it is no longer actively working on it at the moment.

A statement from Ubisoft, issued to Polygon, reads: “The content in question was from a Ubisoft project that is no longer moving forward.”

Initial reports have suggested that Osiris could have been a reboot for the Prince of Persia franchise, but not enough information about the title has been revealed yet and the gaming community will now probably never know more.

Ubisoft has also recently said that the game universe is being given time to rest at the moment and that a new game might be revealed if a team inside the publisher manages to come up with a good idea for it.

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