Two Nintendo Wii U System Firmware Updates Coming in Spring and Summer

The two new versions should reduce loading times and bring new features

Nintendo has confirmed that it's going to release two system software updates for the Wii U home console, one in spring and one in summer, which should improve loading times and add new features.

The Wii U came out in November and caused a lot of problems for new owners due to its mandatory firmware updates and didn't actually improve the experience of the users.

Now, in order to add new features and reduce the lengthy and frequent loading times, Nintendo has confirmed on Twitter that two system software updates will be released in the future, one in spring and one in summer.

The two new firmware versions will be rolled out globally and should definitely please existing owners that are getting fed up with the frequent loading screens.

As of yet, however, no other details are known, so it's unclear just when during spring and summer the two updates will be rolled out for the Wii U.

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