Two New Grand Theft Auto V Posters Found in the Wild

Check out Franklin and Michael in action in the upcoming game

While Rockstar Games is quite reticent to post any other materials with Grand Theft Auto V, fans have spotted two new posters in the wild, showcasing what looks like scenes from two different bank robberies orchestrated by the three main characters.

GTA V is out in spring and already the hype surrounding it is reaching critical mass, as many fans of the series want to see just how Rockstar will impress them with the new title.

We already got to admire a few trailers, plenty of screenshots, and some impressive artwork.

Now, a Reddit user has spotted two brand new posters for GTA V in a retail store.

As you can see above, these images depict two of the three main characters: Franklin and Michael. Franklin is trying to escape the police on a bike while Michael is orchestrating a jewelry store heist.

You can expect both scenes to play a key role in the upcoming Grand Theft Auto V.

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