Turn 10: Forza 5 Is Not a Hardcore Racing Simulation, Aims for Emotion

The title will use some of the unique features of the Xbox One

Dan Greenawalt, a developer working on Forza 5 at Turn 10, admits in an interview that his studio is not interested in creating a hardcore racing sim.

Instead, the company wants to deliver cutting-edge graphics and physics while retaining an emotional connection to the cars and the tracks.

He is quoted by NeoGAF as saying that, “If you’re asking will we ever make a hardcore simulation racer, the answer is no. If you’re asking will we try to attract more people to racing by blending gaming with racing, the answer is yes.”

Forza 5 is being developed exclusively for the Xbox One home console.

It will include a cloud-based driving A.I. and more supercars to take out for a spin.

I got a hands-on with the game during E3 2013.

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