Trine 2 Has Cross-Platform Multiplayer Between PC and Mac Versions

Developer Fronzenbyte confirms Steamworks allows PC and Mac users to play cooperatively

Trine 2, the upcoming side-scrolling puzzle game from developer Frozenbyte, will have cross-platform multiplayer when it is released early next month for the two platforms.

Trine impressed lots of players with its side-scrolling gameplay and tricky puzzles that required cooperation between multiple players, who could choose between a wizard, a thief or a warrior. Now, with Trine 2, Frozenbyte is trying to deliver an even more polished experience that brings all sorts of new challenges to players.

We’ve already heard quite a few things about the new title, but the developer has now revealed that the PC and Mac versions will have cross-platform play courtesy of Valve’s Steam digital distribution service and its Steamworks system.

This multiplayer mechanic can even be tried out by those who already pre-ordered Trine 2 through a beta version of the game, which is now also available for Mac users.

Trine 2 is out on December 6, for the PC and Mac, via Steam, while a special Collector’s Edition will be released in retail stores across Europe on December 9.

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