Tribes: Ascend Game of the Year Edition Available, Includes Single Payment Option

Gamers can get all-new character content for a low price

Developer Hi-Rez Studios is launching the Game of the Year Edition of its shooter Tribes: Ascend, which introduces 6 new maps for three game modes, the Shocklance and new skins.

The new version also means that players can get all the gameplay-related upgrades for their characters by making just one low payment.

This means that players can get out on the battlefield fully equipped and ready for battle, able to use more varied builds than those who are only unlocking content via gameplay.

Todd Harris, the chief operation officer tells Gamasutra that, “There are some people who are still put off by free-to-play, or fear a long grind will be required to access enough weapons, or fear pay-to-win. We wanted to remove any and all of those perception issues.”

We have a full review of Tribes: Ascend available on Softpedia.

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