Trials Evolution Might Move to Consoles, Mobiles

Ubisoft believes franchise has cross platform potential

Video game publisher Ubisoft has announced that the RedLynx developed Trials Evolution has managed to sell more than half a million units on the Xbox Live Arcade service form Microsoft in just three weeks since it was launched on April 18.

Yves Guillemot, who is the chief executive officer at Ubisoft, has told investors that there’s “great multiplatform digital revenue potential” linked to Trials Evolution although the company has not yet announced any plans to move it to other home consoles or to handhelds or mobile devices.

Tero Virtala, who is the managing director of RedLynx, has also said that the mechanics of the game, which are linked to physics and repeated runs through levels, can easily be duplicated on other platforms.

When it was first launched on XBLA Trials Evolution managed to set the record for highest grossing release on the service, with more than 100,000 copies delivered to players in 24 hours.

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