Trials Evolution Has Half a Million Players on Global Leaderboards

The game continues to see gamers create new levels

Developer RedLynx and publisher Ubisoft have announced that their video game Trials Evolution has managed to get 500,000 players up on its global leaderboards since it was launched on Xbox Live Arcade during the previous week.

Tero Virtala, who is the managing director working at RedLynx, stated, “To date, players have created more than 60,000 custom tracks and skill games, using the exact same editor we used to build our own levels within the game.”

He added, “Those same players have recorded more than one million entries on custom Leaderboards associated with user-created tracks, they have given more than 800,000 reviews of UGC within Track Central.”

Trials Evolution was at one point the best-selling title on the XBLA, but it has been recently eclipsed by the Minecraft Xbox 360 release.

Users have also created more than 60,000 levels using the included editor, some of them delivering the same quality as the ones put together by the RedLynx developers.

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