Trials Evolution: Gold Edition Coming to PC on March 22

The Trials franchise is returning to the PC with bonus tracks

RedLynx and Ubisoft have confirmed that they'll release a special version of Trials Evolution on the PC in March, in the form of Trials Evolution: Gold Edition.

Trials games have earned a cult following over the years for their easy-to-learn yet extremely hard to master gameplay that tasked players with completing different motorcross stages.

Now, after the hugely successful Trials Evolution that came out on the Xbox 360 last year, developer RedLynx is getting ready to debut a special version of it on the PC, in the form of Trials Evolution: Gold Edition.

The new version, according to an official statement, includes the complete game plus all the tracks and mini-games from Trials HD, recreated in the new title's engine.

The full-fledged track editor is also included in the game, so players can create their own stages once they get bored of the standard 100+ tracks.

Trials Evolution: Gold Edition is out for the PC on March 22. Until then, check out a new video of it above.

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