Toyota Supra Street Mod and Ford Shelby GT500 Super Snake Released for NFS World

Gamers can play a new Drag Mode and buy new car attachments

The development team working on the free-to-play racing game Need for Speed World announces that it has introduced two new cars to the game, while also giving gamers a new mode to try out, intuitively called Drag Mode.

The two new vehicles are the Toyota Supra “Street Mod” Drag Edition and the Ford Shelby GT500 Super Snake “Pro Stock” Drag Edition, two of the most beautiful cars around specifically tuned for use in the new mode.

The new Drag race comes packed with four different environments to try out and a line-up of six players.

The focus in on solid gear shifting, but gamers need to also keep an eye on the road in order to avoid other cars and traffic.

There are also skills mods for Need for Speed World that increase a car’s performance in Drag Mode, available in the in-game store.

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